Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Section on Java Servlets

The newly updated section on writing Java Servlets, looks at issues such as the following:
  • some of the "mechanics" of getting start with Servlets, such as getting the appropriate version of the JDK and some Servlet hosting tips such as the features and quotas that you should be looking out for in a Servlet hosting package
  • the anatomy of an example Servlet
  • dealing with HTTP sessions, and why you should use the Java Session API to handle them;
  • dealing with "raw" cookies when you need them;
  • deciding if you need to modify your Servlet to work with keep-alive connections: in some configurations, you may be beneficial to add some code to set the Content-Length header; we discuss how to find out if this is necessary.
Web programmers may also be interested in the section on Java AJAX programming currently in development.

Comments and suggestions for extra material are always welcome, of course!