Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rip-off for rip-off's sake

In response to crackpot loon conspiracy theories that instead of landing on the moon in 1969, Nasa played a hoax that has then been kept under wraps for the past 40 odd years, my argument has always been that rather than stage and hide such an elaborate hoax, it's probably easier just to go to the moon. (The other main evidence for the falsity of the moon landing hoax being that Fox TV made a documentary about it...)

Well, my grip on reality may have been overturned today by reports and pictures of fake Apple stores in China. Somebody who can actually be bothered to go to these lengths of counterfeiting and then sustain the momentum of preventing the relevant authorities from finding out must be doing it out of some bizarre sense of national pride. I'm really not convinced it isn't easier to just franchise a genuine Apple store...

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