Monday, December 10, 2012

New comments and links facility being rolled out

On most pages of the Javamex programming site, you can now add feedback and questions to the articles. Look out for comments boxes in the following locations:

  • in the box to the right of the main page;
  • in the box at the top right of certain "popular" articles;
  • in the box at the bottom of the page beneath most articles.
Some popular articles on the site where we may expect to see comments include the sections on the Java volatile keyword and synchronisation, Java threads (which includes various tutorials on threading and multitasking in general, including thread scheduling) and random numbers, which looks at various pitfalls associated with using the standard Java random algorithm and how and when better algorithms should be used, e.g. for security purposes or to improve "simulation" type applications.

It is hoped that by having this comments facility, both regular and new readers of the Javamex programming tutorials will be able to engage in discussion and improve both their knowledge and the content of the tutorials.

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